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O1 Visa an Alternative to H-1B

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O1 Visa an Alternative to H-1B

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H-1B Or O-1 Visa

O1 Visa an Alternative to H-1B: As H-1B visa season officially kicks off, thousands of hopeful foreign workers will begin sending out visa applications. Though many who apply for an H-1B visa are approved every year, due to an annual cap, there is a multitude of workers who will not be approved as a result of the high number of applications. Last year, the H-1B cap was reached within the very first week that filing was eligible. The result of so many applications (230,000+) is that the USCIS is forced to carry out a random lottery-type selection process. Therefore, thousands of eligible extraordinary workers seeking in employment in the U.S. will be rejected and not on the basis of merit, but because they’re names were not randomly selected.

The good news is that there’s an alternative to the H-1B visa: The O1.

The O1 visa for workers with extraordinary talent in their occupation differs from the H-1B in that annual caps for approvals do not exist. If you qualify for the O-1 visa, it will be available to you no matter how many cases the USCIS have approved in that particular year. For more information on the differences between O1 and H-1B visas, check out our previous blog entry.

April 1st marks the first day the of the year that a foreign worker employed in a specialty occupation is eligible to apply for the H-1B visa, but keep in mind that the cap is met very quickly. If you’re an individual with extraordinary talents and you’re looking to bring your career to the United States, schedule a free consultation with the experts at Creative Artist International. Don’t get bogged down by annual caps—find out how we can help make your dreams come true! Call 1-323-210-8051 or send us an email at info@visasforcreativeartist.com.