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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Company Who Cares For Their Clients

O1 Visa Filing Fees Set to Rise

  May 2016 the USCIS published a notice proposing an increase in the filing fees for most visa applications, including the O1 Visa for nonimmigrant workers with extraordinary ability in the art, science, business, education, athletics and motion pictures and television industry. Current fees to file for an O1 visa are $325 for regular processing […]

5 Ways to Stay Creative

Every professional hits a wall periodically. But for artists, this wall can feel thousands of feet tall. Whether you’re experiencing the proverbial writer’s block or you’re just feeling flat out uninspired, there are remedies to getting the creative juices flowing again: 1. Carry a Notebook Everywhere. As you’re probably aware, inspiration can come from anywhere. […]