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5 Ways to Stay Creative

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5 Ways to Stay Creative

Every professional hits a wall periodically. But for artists, this wall can feel thousands of feet tall. Whether you’re experiencing the proverbial writer’s block or you’re just feeling flat out uninspired, there are remedies to getting the creative juices flowing again:

1. Carry a Notebook Everywhere. As you’re probably aware, inspiration can come from anywhere. A lyric in a song; a conversation on the train; a thought deep inside the unconscious part of your brain that comes trickling out to the surface. An idea can be sudden and fleeting. Carrying a notebook will ensure that you capture all of your ideas as soon as they come to you. Also, give free writing a shot.

2. Drink Coffee. Scientifically speaking, creativity comes from the connections your brain makes between pre-existing ideas and concepts. This is controlled by chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that serves as an alarm in your brain that goes off when your energy level is getting low and the connections being made begin to slow down rapidly. Coffee acts as booster to your system by blocking adenosine receptors and effectively tricking your brain into thinking you have a lot more energy!
TLDR; Coffee helps to stimulate and wake you up so you can get back to being your old creative self quicker

3. Listen to Music. There are few things in this world more stimulating than listening to music. In fact, think of music as a gateway to unlocking a mind-wandering mode in your brain. Turning on music you like (not just classical) has the effect of better cognitive performance.

4. Step Away From the Computer. Writer’s block is an obstacle best tackled away from the silent glare of the blue computer screen staring back at you. Step outside and experience the real world. A breath of fresh air could spring new life into your tapped-out reservoir of ideas.

5. Sleep. This is the tried and true method of getting the creative juices flowing again. When you sleep, your brain isn’t just resting, it’s also busy making connections with pre-existing ideas and concepts that didn’t seem connected before. In essence, your brain is being creative even when you’re fast asleep and dreaming. You’ve probably heard the old story of how Mary Shelley got the idea for her classic novel Frankenstein…it came to her in a dream!

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