...The “Lesser Known” Professions of O-1 Visas

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The “Lesser Known” Professions of O-1 Visas

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The “Lesser Known” Professions of O-1 Visas

Professions of O-1 Visas

It’s a fairly common misconception that in order to qualify for either an O-1A or O-1B visa, you have to secure a high-level executive position such as a CEO, or be a famed actor, actress or singer; or even be a star athlete or Nobel Prize-winning scientist. While all of these glamorous occupations do qualify you, there’s a number of “lesser known” professions in art, business, science, athletics and even education that are eligible for O-1 visas.


Let’s say for instance that you’re a precious metal worker and you want to come to the United States and clean and restore exquisite items at a museum or an antique proprietor—believe it or not, with the right sponsorship and background of recognition, you can in fact qualify for an O-1B visa in the field of arts. You could be an animator, model, editor, or even a clown. The point is that you are one of a kind—your art, whether it’s painting a gorgeous sunrise pouring over the veranda of your home, or simply making people laugh, you can qualify for an O-1B visa.


OK, so you don’t know the first thing about the arts, and you’re also not even close to being a Nobel Prize winning scientist. What if you’re a dentist? If teeth is your game, you can still obtain an O-1A visa in the field of science with the right amount of recognition and sponsorship. In fact, anthropologists, economists, political scientists, and even nurses ALL qualify for an O-1A visa in the field of science. In athletics, you can qualify if you’ve proven yourself as an exemplary coach with accolades that stretch the length of a basketball court, or an expert in market research, or even an information professional such as a librarian with a Master’s Degree or PhD. There’s a litany of these types of professions that qualify you for an O-1A visa if you’ve attained the pinnacle of success in your career.

While many of these Professions of O-1 Visas might not grant you a million followers on Twitter, you can still reach a high level of success and demonstrate extraordinary ability and tenacity in your chosen field. So, you’re not Drake or Donald Trump. Neither are the other seven billion people in the world. Remember: you are one of a kind.

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