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5 Ways to Stay Creative

Every professional hits a wall periodically. But for artists, this wall can feel thousands of feet tall. Whether you’re experiencing the proverbial writer’s block or you’re just feeling flat out uninspired, there are remedies to getting the creative juices flowing again: 1. Carry a Notebook Everywhere. As you’re probably aware, inspiration can come from anywhere. […]

O-1 Visa eSports, Yes has Been Approved

O-1 Visa eSports, Yes has Been Approved

O-1 Visa eSports In the past, professional athletes approved by the USCIS for work visas had been champions of arenas such as a football field, basketball court or boxing ring, to name a few. Nowadays, you don’t have to run a six-minute mile or catch a football one-handed to be considered a professional athlete—they’re champions […]

O1 Visa an Alternative to H-1B

H-1B Or O-1 Visa O1 Visa an Alternative to H-1B: As H-1B visa season officially kicks off, thousands of hopeful foreign workers will begin sending out visa applications. Though many who apply for an H-1B visa are approved every year, due to an annual cap, there is a multitude of workers who will not be […]

USCIS Welcomed Almost 20,000 New Citizens For President’s Day

Earlier this month, the USCIS celebrated President’s Day by honoring George Washington and other former presidents by welcoming in nearly 20,000 citizens during upwards of 180 naturalization ceremonies around the country from February 12-22. This was part of a recognition by the U.S. government of the history and lasting importance of immigrants in the United […]

Switching from J-1 to O-1

Suppose you’re a research scholar or professor working in the United States under a non-immigrant J-1 visa, but you’re considering switching to an O-1 visa. Is that even possible? Absolutely! A J-1 holder who is subject to the two-year home requirement and unable to obtain a waiver, is a good candidate for an O-1 visa. […]

Success Story – Mandy Dyonne Lieveld-O1 Visa Approval

We’re proud to announce that our client, Mandy Dyonne Lieveld’s case for O1B visa was approved just last week! Creative Artist International undoubtedly recognized her as an individual with extraordinary talent in her field. Mandy is a stand-out fashion model, choreographer, and dancer. She’s also an instructor out of the Amsterdam College of Arts. Mandy […]