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How Long Does the O1 Visa Process Take?

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How Long Does the O1 Visa Process Take?

O1 Visa Process

It depends on how you choose to process your O1 visa application. There are two distinctive handling alternatives for the O1 Visa Process that are offered by the USCIS, Regular Processing, and Premium Processing.

In the event that a candidate uses theRegular Processing option then current handling times are around 2 months in spite of the fact that this changes between service centers and after some time. What is ensured however is that if Premium Processing is used, which requires an extra $1,225 fee paid to the USCIS, an application will be handled within 15 days. Note however that the USCIS does some of the time return within the 15-day duration and sends an RFE which is a request for evidence, or extra confirmation.If an RFE is sent out, then upon submission to the USCIS they again just have 15 days which to decide on an approval or denial. furthermore, Premium Processing can take anywhere from 15-40 days.

Overall O1 Visa process clearly changed from case to case depending upon how rapidly a candidate can assemble documentation and so on.