...Importance of Building a Social Media Presence-O1 Visa

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Importance of Building a Social Media Presence-O1 visa

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Importance of Building a Social Media Presence-O1 visa

Importance of Building a Social Media Presence-O1 visa

Nowadays, as a professional in the entertainment industry (or any industry for that matter), it isn’t enough to have a stellar portfolio or body of work. It doesn’t matter if you are a film director, producer, screenwriter, athlete or executive—building a social media presence can be just as important as any aspect of your career. Here’s a few tips for forming an online identity:


Reach Your New Audience

You may have built a loyal fan base in your home country who would follow you to the ends of the earth. But now that you live in the U.S., you have a whole new batch of potential fans (and critics) who need to know who you are. Millions of people use Twitter and Facebook every day. It’s the fastest way to communicate with people all over the globe. Start sharing and interacting with your new audience! On the downside, a new audience can also mean scrutiny. This can be a daunting and challenging task, but you’re a professional. You can handle the critics. Just do so with grace and humility.


Sell, Sell, Sell

The U.S. is the heart of consumerism. Every day, new products are constantly being sold and bought. You are no different. You have a product. If you’re an artist, it’s your art. If you’re an inventor, it’s your innovative new product waiting to hit the shelves. People want to know you and what you’re selling so don’t hesitate to jump onto social media and advertise what you’re selling! If you’re an athlete, you are probably less concerned with this, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be trying to sell the best version of yourself on social media. You never know who might checking out your tweets!



It’s just as important to come off as a good person on social media as it is in real life. Being honest and true to yourself will attract honest and true fans. If you are constantly lying or slamming other people via social media, you might find yourself with a reputation as a jerk. And then you will have jerks for fans. Keep your posts fun, light and interesting!


Stay Current and Human

It’s great if you can attract followers because of your work, but keeping your audience coming day after day is the real skill in having a social media presence. If something interesting is trending, talk about it! It doesn’t have to be about politics either, which could cost you followers. It’s best to stay neutral until you’ve felt you’ve built a strong enough following and even then, proceed with caution. Perhaps you saw on a news website that something profoundly intriguing has happened in your home country—Post it! Anyway to reach your audience on a personal level will help fans to see you as just another human. Let’s say your family just had the most amazing dinner. Take pictures and post them! The worst thing you can do is come off as robotic on social media.


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