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O-1A Published Scholarly Articles

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O-1A Published Scholarly Articles

O-1A Published Scholarly Articles- The actual official wording of this category is: – Evidence of the alien’s authorship of scholarly articles in the field, in professional journals or other major media The requirement, asks if the alien’s work has been published in any major trade publication or other major media.

First Decide if you have published any material. If the answer is yes you would move on to the next step

Next is to find out if your publication has had a significant impact in your field.

You can find this out by looking into your publication a bit further.  Usually, all individuals who are pursuing their PHD, is required to have their written work published somewhere in order to obtain their doctorate. But just because you have published material does not distinguish you have risen to the top of your field of expertise.

In the world of academics when you submit your publication your article will 80% of the time be published, as long as the subject is of interest to the publication they. However, there are some publications that will require a ‘peer review’ before published and other experienced academics test the value of the article.  The process of peer review can take anywhere from six months or more and the article might go through several revisions before proven to be a sufficiently high standard to be published in a peer review journal.

If your work has gone through a peer review process, your work can be looked at as more significant than an article published that has not gone through a peer review. Also, there are magazines/journals that are well known for only publishing articles that have been peer-reviewed.

Citations by other academics: – Another inquiry an O-1A officer might logically ask, is whether the article has been cited in the work of other academics. The rationale being that no academic would reference another’s work in their paper unless it was considered to have value and furthered the aims of their paper. Therefore, O-1A officer can, without even reading the alien’s article, determine the value of the article by simply confirming the number of times the alien’s work has been cited by other academics.

If your article has not been cited or if your article has not been subjected to peer review, then O-1A officer might become skeptical to if your published article has any impact to your field. in spite of this, the policy does allow individuals to submit other evidence that may show that the article has an impact. Think of business articles where various economists have their ideas and theories published in the business press, well these articles can be highly persuasive in that community.

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