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O-1A Visa Contributions

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This criteria can be met if the applicant has made original scientific, scholarly, or business-related major contributions to their field. This law has (4) parts.

  1. Applicant has made original
  2. Scientific, scholarly, or business
  3. Major contribution
  4. To their field

When deciding whether an applicant meets this criterion, it’s important to consider the following information for any scientific, scholarly, or business-related contributions of major significance in your field.

  1. Name of Contribution
  2. Details

This tangible information matches up with the actual law in the following way.

  1. Applicant has made original = = > Name of Contribution, Details
  2. Scientific, scholarly, or business = = > Name of Contribution, Details
  3. Major contribution = = > Name of Contribution, Details
  4. To their field = = > Name of Contribution, Details

This criteria is quite different from the others, in that it doesn’t break down easily into sections. USCIS knows this is a very subjective criteria, and they take your word- to a certain extent. You have to make a compelling argument that the contribution is “original” and “major”, but they know that both those things are very hard to prove. Usually, there will be some type of publication associated with your contribution, which often serves as the only evidence. No matter what, they won’t accept Athletic contributions.


You were part of the research team that wrote a paper declaring that there is a link between aids contraction and sugar consumption.

This criteria is a level 5 difficulty. Very few applicants for O-1A visa meet this criterion.

*It is most difficult for scholarly and business. Science has a fair amount of applicants who meet this criteria.