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O-1A Visa High Salary

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O-1A Visa High Salary


O-1A Visa High Salary The actual official wording of this category is: – Evidence that the alien has commanded and now commands a high salary or other remuneration for services, evidenced by contracts or other reliable evidence.

The O-1A visa specialist is looking for documentation to decide if the applicant’s remuneration is considerably above in association to others in the same field. There are many ways to evaluate if your salary is higher than others in the same field. In order for us to document your high wage, we have to go about it in a very logical way.

If your pay has or is now above the top earners in your field, then you should be able to meet the criteria. If your pay falls under the top US earners because you are not currently working in the US, you can still qualify under this criteria if we can prove that your earnings are significantly higher than others in your home country.

Your earnings are assessed on your annual income statement. This could consist of your annual tax return, monthly pay stubs and/or an accountant’s letter of support. There are a variety of independent salary bureau statistical reports that are available online to see if you make more money than most. You will impress USCIS, if your base salary and bonus exceeds the 90th percentile, then you have a very strong case in this category.

In the US, perhaps the most commonly used and most trusted independent salary bureau is O*Net Online [http://www.onetonline.org/find/].  There should be similar resources in your home country.