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O Visa Eligibility

O Visa General Requirements

The O visa is a nonimmigrant category in which foreign nationals of extraordinary ability in the arts, athletics, sciences, education, business, or the motion picture or television industry can apply to come to the United States to conduct temporary services in relation to an event or events within their field. additionally, the O2 visa is available to bring foreign nationals who are coming to support the artistic or athletic event or events the O visa holder will be engaging in. 


Who Is Eligible?

A international individual who has a record of extraordinary ability in the arts, athletics, sciences, education, or business, and is coming to the United States temporarily to conduct services for a U.S. employer or multiple employees in his or her field of expertise shall be granted an O visa. In the eyes of the USCIS, “extraordinary ability” indicates that the international individuals possess a high level of expertise, which indicates he or she is one of the small percentage in his or her field of endeavor who has risen to the top. Furthermore, the position that the international individual is coming to conduct services must require the services of an individual with extraordinary ability. 


When speaking of the O visa in the “Arts” this includes international individuals who are in the motion picture or television industry. In order to qualify for an O visa in the motion pictures or television industry, individuals must meet slightly different and more highly held standards than others applying in the arts. They must prove “extraordinary achievement” through a record of “distinction” or prominence. “Distinction” means a high level of achievement and skill substantially above that ordinarily individual, to the extent that the international individual in question is considered renowned, leading, or well-known in the field.

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