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O1 Visa Filing Fees Set to Rise

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O1 Visa Filing Fees Set to Rise

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May 2016 the USCIS published a notice proposing an increase in the filing fees for most visa applications, including the O1 Visa for nonimmigrant workers with extraordinary ability in the art, science, business, education, athletics and motion pictures and television industry. Current fees to file for an O1 visa are $325 for regular processing and an additional $1225 for premium processing, which is set to rise as much as 60%. USCIS conducted a comprehensive fee review, after improving its cost accounting process, and concluded that current fees do not recover the full costs of the services it provides. Proposed Policy.


The USCIS is required to review all visa fees every two years; surprisingly there have been no adjustments since November 2010. Here we are six years later, and United States Customs and Immigration Service now feels the need to adjust visa filing fees to cover the cost of processing visas.


There is a sixty-day public comment period following the May 4th publication of the proposed rule. The USCIS then must review and consider comments before publishing the final rule and instating a fee schedule increase.


What does this mean for all creative and talented individuals who want to apply for the O1 visa? Well, more money of course, however, if you act now you will beat the cost increase. Contact us today! info@visasforcreativeartist.com. We will not only save you money but we will make sure your case is handled professionally throughout the entire process.