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This page offers an outline of Creative Artist International website. The O1 Visa Index page helps you located information, you need with just a click of a button. Feel free to explore all our pages to obtain detailed knowledge surrounding the O1. Each page can be helpful to provide you with a better understanding of the O1 category and can be beneficial through the application process.


O-1A Visa and O-1B Visa Supporting Documents
O1 Visa Advisory Opinion
O1 Visa Index
Housing Resources

New Jersey Housing
Long Island Housing
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Manhattan Housing
New York Room Share
Los Angeles Room Share
Apartment for Rent Central LA
Apartments for Rent San Gabriel Valley
Apartments for Rent Antelope Valley
Apartments for Rent WestSide

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O2 Visa for Assistants
O3 Visa for Dependents & Spouse
O1 Visa Professions Sub-Categories
O Visa General Eligibility
Meeting the O1 Visa Criteria
O-1 Visa Criteria Breakdown

O-1A Visa Awards
O1A Visa Associations
O1A Visa Published Material
O-1A Visa Judge
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