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"In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently "

-Tony Robbins

On a Scale From 1-10 How Important Is an O1 Visa Petitioner?

O1 Visa Petitioner

Individuals frequently question how necessary it is to find an O1 Visa Petitioner for their O1 Visa application, the answer to that question is, a petitioner is extremely necessary when applying. On a scale from 1-10 it is an 11. Often individuals elect to apply for an O1 visa under the impression a petitioner is not required or they can simply petition themselves, but, the truth is a beneficiary of an O1 visa can not self-petition. If you do not have a petitioner moving into the process, you can not apply. Yes, that is correct, without a Petitioner, you do not have a chance of being approved for an O1 Visa. The news can cause frustration to individuals, discouraging them from applying for the visa. As a result, Creative Artist International eliminates that feeling by offering O1 Visa Petitioning/Sponsorship to anybody who qualifies.

We can and will act as your O1 Visa Petitioner on the behalf of multiple employers, which gives you the flexibility and freedom within your industry of your choice. Think of a petitioner like an agent, but the difference with us is, we do not take a percentage of your earnings. Instead, we have affordable monthly and yearly packages available for you making all that much more easy.

With us acting as your Petitioner you will receive the following:


  • Relocation assistance
  • Guidance within your industry
  • Emergency assistance
  • Quarterly check ups
  • Job Updates
  • Press Release
  • Work advertised on our social media and other outlets
  • Flexibility of working with multiple employers.
  • Membership benefits (discounts etc.)


As mentioned a O1 Visa Petitioner is extremely important to the O1 visa application. Without a Petitioner/Sponsor, individuals can not apply for the Visa. The Petitioner,  is also known as a Sponsor or Agent. The beneficiary can choose a company within the United States or a U.S. citizen to act as their Petitioner. In the O1 visa category, there are three types of what they call "Agents" 1). Agent for multiple employers, which allows the beneficiary to work with multiple employers. 2). Agent performing the functions of an employer, which means the beneficiary is employed by the Agent 3). Agent for a foreign employer, which allows the beneficiary to work with a foreign employer in the U.S through a U.S. Agent. .

As your Petitioner, Creative Artist International will be held responsible for guaranteeing that you as the beneficiary continue to meet all employment requirements set by the USCIS while in the United States. We are also responsible for signing all paperwork included in your petition. Which include a complete itinerary of events indicates the dates of each service or commitment, names and address of the actual employers, and the establishments, or locations where the services will be performed. Contracts between the actual employers and the recipient; and, an explanation of the terms and conditions of the employment with necessary documentation. Also, a statement from us regarding your extraordinary abilities.

In the end, your chosen Petitioner is key to a successful application. Us as your Petitioner go above and beyond to make sure the process is completed and brings successful results.