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O1 Visa Salary Requirements

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O1 Visa Salary Requirements

O1 Visa Salary Requirements for the O1B visa Salary criteria can be met when applying for the O1B visa. O1 visa salary requirement is met if the applicant has or will earn a high salary in their field.

This criterion has (2) main parts. The first part is that you have earned a high salary in your field, and the second part is that you will achieve a high salary in your field of work. Therefore when deciding whether you meet the O1 visa salary requirements, it is essential to consider the following information for the highest wages or payments you have received for your work in your field.

You can prove the first part by showing the year worked=has worked, compensation=high salary, job title= in your field.

To prove the second part, you must show years worked: will earn, compensation= high salary, job title= in your field.

So to meet the O1 visa salary requirements, the USCIS wants to see it’s at least in your recent history. Then, it goes to the overall criteria of being “at the top of your field” if it is current. The longer, the better.

An effective way to prove it is by putting the dates in the application. For example, “Made 30,000 in one week ten years ago” = is not good. “Made 30,000 a week for 5 years” = good.

To meet the O1 visa salary requirements and show that your salary is high compared to others in the field, you can get the average income of a job title from the Department of Labor website. Then you compare to your income, past or future, and if there is a “substantial” difference, then you have a good claim. For example,  if most makeup artist makes    $30,000 a year, and you make $ 35,000 a year, this is not a high salary. However, if you are a makeup artist making $ 100,000 a year, that would be a high salary, which if you were a CEO making that amount, it would not be.

Lastly, the USCIS wants to see that you have a history of a high salary, or future, for the same job you are applying for. If you say that you will earn a high salary, that’s easy. However, if the proof is that you have reached a high wage in the past, ideally, the job title of your past job is the same as your future. USCIS will accept affiliated or related jobs, but they aren’t as powerful. If they aren’t related or similar, then it won’t count. If your job title is the same, list your job title and some of your duties. If your job title is different, you need to prove that the jobs are very similarly related depending on how different it is. The best way is to use the Department of Labor as a source showing they are similar and then comparing the job duties. For example, you are applying to be a dancer. You made a high salary as a dancer = great. You earned a high salary as a choreography = okay. You made a high salary as a construction worker = completely irrelevant, don’t use.

Overall this criterion is a level 4 difficulty. Most people who get O-1B Visas do not meet this criterion. But it would help if you thought outside the box. When you feel that you only have to prove you make a lot compared to the average in your field, however, it becomes a little easier.

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