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O1 Visa Filing Fees Set to Rise

  May 2016 the USCIS published a notice proposing an increase in the filing fees for most visa applications, including the O1 Visa for nonimmigrant workers with extraordinary ability in the art, science, business, education, athletics and motion pictures and television industry. Current fees to file for an O1 visa are $325 for regular processing […]

USCIS Welcomed Almost 20,000 New Citizens For President’s Day

Earlier this month, the USCIS celebrated President’s Day by honoring George Washington and other former presidents by welcoming in nearly 20,000 citizens during upwards of 180 naturalization ceremonies around the country from February 12-22. This was part of a recognition by the U.S. government of the history and lasting importance of immigrants in the United […]

Switching from J-1 to O-1

Suppose you’re a research scholar or professor working in the United States under a non-immigrant J-1 visa, but you’re considering switching to an O-1 visa. Is that even possible? Absolutely! A J-1 holder who is subject to the two-year home requirement and unable to obtain a waiver, is a good candidate for an O-1 visa. […]

Ideas for Working Towards Your O1 Visa

Many outstanding workers living in various countries around the world pursue positions and opportunities in the U.S. every year and make the decision to apply for an O1 visa. While numerous applicants already meet certain qualifications that would satisfy the evidence necessary for the USCIS to deem a worker “extraordinary,” there are countless others who […]