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O1B Visa Awards as Criteria to meet

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O1B Visa Awards

O1B visa awards: First, if you have ever been nominated for a major award that is great we can win your case in this category alone. Although the O1 visa is based on establishing that the alien has extraordinary abilities, winning an award is enough to establish your extraordinary ability. The nomination alone is not sufficient. The nomination alone is, however, sufficient enough to build a successful O1 visa application.

The O1 visa rules mention exact awards such as the Academy Award, an Emmy, a Grammy or a Directors Guild Award, however,   there are other major national and international awards that are certainly equally prestigious. For example, the Annie Awards for Excellence in Animation (40+ year history), and The Tony Awards that recognizes achievement in Broadway Productions (65+ year history). There are also other major awards in fields such as radio and television, arts, graphic design and so on that can establish extraordinary ability. The awards mentioned are of course US awards. However, you can qualify for if you have been nominated or have won an award from any country where the award has national or international importance. The fact that you have been nominated or have won a prestigious award, establishes that you have risen to the very top of your profession. These award ceremonies exist to give honor and recognition to those who have been recognized as having delivered work of the uppermost quality within the industry that year. Such acknowledgment is extraordinary indeed.

US Immigration relies deeply on what others in your field believe of your accomplishments. Immigration cannot review your aptitude themselves since the officers are not in your field. For example, only a doctor can review the work of another doctor. as a result, Immigration will at all times look to see what others in the media have to say about your accomplishment. Having been nominated or have won a major award from a distinguished organization is beyond question proof of your top in the field. Immigration more or less has no option but to approve your application at that point.

If you have been nominated or have won any kind of national or international award, then you are O1 visa material. If you have never entered your work into any competition then you might want to think about how you could do this. You don’t have to win, but you might get a nomination and that could be adequate.