...Top 5 Myths about O1 Visas

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Top 5 Myths about O1 Visas

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Top 5 Myths about O1 Visas

Many people are unclear on what type of visa the O visa really is and what types of professions qualify for this non immigrant category. There are also many myths surrounding the O visa classification. Let’s discuss the top 5 myths about O1 visas.


  • The O1 Visa is Only for Artists and People in the Motion Picture Industry

I know I’ve touched on this in previous posts, but, I can’t stress enough how important it is for people NOT in the creative industry that the O1 visa isn’t limited to artists. The O1 visa is available to scientists, people in business, teachers and even chefs. The immigration service leaves the door open for a wide array of professions in numerous fields.


  • You Must be Famous to Obtain an O1 Visa

This absolutely is NOT true. The fact of the matter is, being famous doesn’t hurt your chances for getting an O1. However, you don’t have to be famous. On the other hand, you DO need to be well recognized in your field. This recognition can come from an award or even from good old fashioned press. This includes reviews and/or articles about your work on the internet or local paper. The recognition can even be from an interview you conducted. Here’s the important thing: Put together a strong package. Showcase who you are and the work you’ve achieved. This is where sponsorship really comes in handy.


  • If You have a Job Offer from a Reputable Employer, You Can Obtain an 01 Visa

The world would certainly be an easier place to live if it were all so simple. The truth is, a job offer from an important employer alone doesn’t qualify you for an O1 visa. You will also need to produce a sufficient amount of evidence of establishing extraordinary talent and achievement in your chosen field. Again, this goes into the idea that you should have a strong package to present to immigration services. A great job offer from a big-time company, a sterling letter of recommendation, evidence of excellence in your field—these are all components of a strong package.

  • You Must Move to the U.S. Once You’ve Obtained Your 01 visa

You guessed it: No. I believe this to actually be the biggest misconception concerning O1 visas. O1 visas are considered “non-immigrant” so you are free to remain in your country of origin and travel back and forth to the U.S. Although, If you do happen to fall for the allure of a warm, sunny Los Angeles summer or find yourself in your home country romanticizing about a white, snow laden Central Park, there is the option of going from an O1 visa to green card!


And finally…


  • Obtaining an O1 visa is so easy, you can do it yourself!

Not quite. There’s a reason there’s companies such as Creative Artist International. Obtaining an O1 visa is a lot of work. It requires pages and pages of petitions and legal work many people simply don’t have the time or patience to do. Filing for an O1 visa also requires extensive knowledge of immigration policies and procedures. On top of that, you may need to find employment, housing, and even put together that strong package of evidence that proves you qualify for the O1 visa. No one should try and file for an O1 visa alone.

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