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USCIS Welcomed Almost 20,000 New Citizens For President’s Day

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USCIS Welcomed Almost 20,000 New Citizens For President’s Day


Earlier this month, the USCIS celebrated President’s Day by honoring George Washington and other former presidents by welcoming in nearly 20,000 citizens during upwards of 180 naturalization ceremonies around the country from February 12-22.

This was part of a recognition by the U.S. government of the history and lasting importance of immigrants in the United States. On February 22, a naturalization ceremony took place at George Washington’s Mount Vernon home in Virginia, in which the USCIS director Leon Rodriguez administered what is known as the Oath of Allegiance, which must be taken by all immigrants who wish to become U.S. citizens. He administered the oath to 50 people.

Despite the political fervor surrounding the issue of immigration in the 2016 Presidential debates, the naturalization ceremonies help to serve as a stark reminder of the significant contributions of immigrants in the U.S. As Director Rodriguez put it, “Our newest citizens will strengthen the fabric of our nation and reinforce America’s unique heritage as a nation of immigrants.”

You can read more about the naturalization ceremonies and naturalized citizens here and here.

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