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The Deal With Deal Memos & Obtaining Your O1 Visa

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The Deal With Deal Memos & Obtaining Your O1 Visa












Creative Artist International comes across potential O1 visa recipients on a daily basis who ask, “What exactly is a deal memo?”

It’s evolved overtime from it’s crude beginnings as a simple piece of paper, like a napkin (which is still in use today), to electronic signatures via email correspondence between both parties. Essentially, it’s a letter of intent from potential employers in the United States. It declares the employers intent to hire the O1 visa recipient once he/she is approved and they’ve become legal to work in the U.S. The memo itself helps to demonstrate to the USCIS that a potential O1 visa recipient has employment opportunities in the U.S. waiting for them. It gives them greater reason to approve the request for visa.

Take for example, an actor wishing to come to the United States to work. The production company and the actor would need to sign the deal memo. Sounds easy enough, right? However, it’s important to note that it may not constitute as a legal binding document. Consider that a deal memo may leave out important provisions laid out in a complete contract. You should still pursue a sufficiently detailed contract from your employer reviewed by an attorney and your sponsors at Creative Artist International.

Still have questions about the deal memo? Feel free to ask the experts at Creative Artist International!