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Moving to LA on an O1 Visa

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Moving to LA on an O1 Visa

When You Move to LA-O1 visa

For many prospective O1 Visa recipients, their extraordinary talents in their career may lead them to an exciting new life in Los Angeles, California. LA is known of course for its celebrity sightings, beautiful weather year-round, and of course, the illustrious beach which stretches miles and miles along the west coast of the United States. It’s also notorious for ungodly traffic. LA is truly unlike any city in the world and here’s some tips for getting started as an Angeleno.

1. Finding a Place to Live

First off, LA is a HUGE city. It’s mostly made up of large and small neighborhoods known as “sub-cities.” Luckily, Google is a great research tool to use when looking for a new home. There are many blogs and resources which provide insight into every neighborhood—safety, prices, location, etc. Like anywhere, there are good neighborhoods and neighborhoods you’ll want to avoid. Also, keep in mind that when a property hits the market, it tends to rent out in two weeks on average.
Note: We don’t know why, but in many apartments, fridges, stoves, and even laundry machines are NOT included. Be sure to read the rental listing carefully to see what’s included in the unit.
If you have any questions about apartment or house hunting, ask us at Creative Artist International. We’re based in LA and we’re happy to help!

2. Learn the Roads

Again, Google will be your friend here. The best way to learn to navigate through the busy streets of LA is to jump on Google Maps and study the road system.
Roads to remember: Santa Monica Blvd, Pico Blvd, Olympic Blvd, Wilshire Blvd, and the Sepulveda Pass. The great thing about these roads is that they intersect across LA. When you find yourself in a traffic jam (and you inevitably will—traffic in LA is nightmarish), these roads will come in handy because they can help to get you out of that jam quicker. Be resourceful and ask your landlord or coworkers how they best avoid traffic.
Also: The 405, 101, and 10 highways revolve around the city in different ways. Learn the system and you will navigate through the city with greater ease.

3. Business Casual

Business in LA is conducted a little differently than in other places around the world. Here, many businesses have a much more laid back approach. It’s a highly informal business culture where jeans and simplicity in the workplace are commonplace. Though, don’t show up day one in your flip-flops and Hawaiian t-shirt without first knowing for a fact that your company embraces the business casual philosophy.

4. Exploring Culture, Restaurants, and More

For those of you who are coming to LA on an O1B visa, this will be a no-brainer, but, for those of you who are coming here for business, science, education, etc. on an O1A visa, there are a lot of opportunities to explore the culture in LA. In recent years, LA has begun to resemble its east coast counterpart, NYC, more and more with its flourishing art, fashion and “foodie” scene.
There’s no shortage of restaurants to choose from either. A few of the most well-known are In-and-Out burger, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, and El Chato Taco Truck. You won’t go wrong with any of these choices. A good source to find out about the hottest local cuisine and bars is the Thrillist app.
One more thing: Athletes and sports fans can rejoice because it’s looking more and more likely that LA will be getting an NFL team in the near future.

5. There’s A lot of Life Outside the City

When work, traffic or just normal pressures of the week start to wear you out, venture outside the city for a while.
Runyon Canyon is a popular spot for exercising and moderate hiking. The view isn’t terrible either. You’ll be able to capture gorgeous, scenic photographs of the bustling city below.
LA is close to hot spots like Orange County, Long Beach, Napa Valley and San Diego are just a few places you can go and get away for a while.

Once you have settled into your new life in Los Angeles, you can start to enjoy a stress-free,
calm and complacent lifestyle. You’ll start to feel like a real Angeleno in no time!

Feel free to ask us at Creative Artist International about your O1 visa needs or just about life in LA! Ask about your free consultation and see if you’re ready to take your extraordinary talents down a new and exciting path!