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Why Our O1 Visa Sponsor Services Supersede Other O1 Visa Sponsors

O-1 Visa Sponsorship and Filing Service

Why Our O1 Visa Sponsor Services Supersede Other O1 Visa Sponsors

Why Our O1 Visa Sponsor Services Supersede Other O1 Visa Sponsors

Which O1 Visa Sponsor Will You Choose?

Many people around the world apply for the O1 visa every year and they always have a difficult time finding an O1 visa sponsor. Every year many people from around the world who have excelled in fields pertaining to the arts, sciences, education, business, athletics and motion pictures industry venture to find a way to continue their work in the United States. In turn, there have been many companies all around the nation eager to respond by helping internationals attain an O-1 visa through different methods and processes, all so that the international may continue sharing those achievements in a new place with new people. Among these many services lies ours, Creative Artists International, O1 visa sponsor, which continually strives to find new and better ways to service our clients. The one question that remains, however, is: how does our service transcend those of our competitors?

Well very simple, we are awesome, funny,  professional and care for each and every one of our clients! But in all seriousness and honesty, it is because we offer a vast amount of resources and services similar to our competitors but at a much more global and personal scale that ultimately leaves a lasting impression every time.

All of our competitors have that one prominent factor that fundamentally makes or breaks a deal with their clients. Stern Deeds, as an example, utilizes its marketing abilities to promote their general networking services. Prelude Productions, on the other hand, takes pride in the fact that its services help clients not only attain an O-1 Visa but also P-1 visas. Next Stop LA has offices worldwide which makes them believe that they could reach more clients in more places. Artists Solutions, as the final example, has two services instead of one which is: ArtistVisa Solutions and ArtistsCareer Solutions

However, here at Creative Artists International, LLC, you can find all the services our competitors take pride in, but all in one place! We make it extremely easy and effective for our clients to utilize all that we have so we may see them thrive in their respected fields in the U.S. Not to mention that the sole factor we take much pride in is the fact that we offer our services at the lowest prices in the industry guaranteed! We offer one-on-one guidance as well as 24/7 customer support in all that we do so that our clients fully understand the process and requirements needed to obtain their O1 visa.

Our Clients can explore our expansive website at https://creativeartistinternational.com/ to get a general idea of how our company operates and what we have to offer! We also make sure to detail out our O-1 visa procedure, so that clients may feel at ease knowing how our services will help them progress. Our team also takes the time to provide a full description of all the different types of visas we help clients attain giving them a better understanding of which O1 they may be eligible for. Free consultation to determine eligibility is another proud service we offer!

All in all, here at Creative Artists International, we are proud to service our clients and continuously strive to be the number one choice for an O1 visa sponsor in the customer’s mind!

Below are some of the many resources and services that we offer at our distinguishable company:

  1. O1 Visa Sponsorship
  2. Portfolio Preparation of Entire O1 Visa Package
  3. Reference Letter Drafting and Editing
  4. Individual Petition Filing
  5. Flexible payment options

Let’s not forget once you become our client you have access to our valuable member benefits.

Access to exclusive savings on movie tickets, theme parks, hotels, tours, Broadway and Vegas shows & more.

Access to corporate rates on everything from everyday purchases (groceries, restaurants, movie tickets, cell phone monthly rates, pets, medical, household and flexible spending items) to big-ticket items (travel, rental cars, and computers)

Moreover, our resources and services do not end there! After your O1 visa has been accepted, we continue to help with:

  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. Housing Resources
  3. Transportation Resources
  4. Networking Resources
  5. Financial Resources
  6. Telecommunication Resources
  7. Promotion of your work through publications
  8. Housing Location
  9. Check-Ups

And much more!

Remember: all resources and services are offered at the lowest prices in the industry guaranteed! And we are always available!